Do the Same

Abraham Bates
2 min readApr 4, 2020

-- by stokkete

It’s the end of March and due to the COVID-19 virus many of the businesses in Portland have shut down due to government orders. A quarter of our family’s income was tied to both a side job I worked at a cocktail bar downtown and marketing I ran for restaurants in Portland.

We have enough money coming in from my main job and in savings to get us through till the end of April (which is in roughly two months). Once that runs out, we will be running short on an emergency plan for the foreseeable future.

My goal is to launch FVEL & Co. by the middle of May to regain an additional percent of what we need in the bank. My goal is to make ends meet for our family.

I wish I could not just do this for my family; I wish I could do this for the world. I wish I could help all those who are experiencing layoffs and will most likely experience much more financial hardship, career suffering, and relational pain over the next few months to a year.

I read this recently: Go to the ant and consider her ways and be wise. Without having any chief or officer, or ruler, she prepares her bread in the summer and gathers her food in the harvest to avoid calamity coming suddenly.

Not one of us (at least myself or anyone I know personally) could have anticipated this type of financial disintegration. I know that the small amount I worked extra over the holidays helped; it will carry our family through the next few months as the economy comes to a grinding halt.

We must find a way. The same way we worked hard and saved before, only this time the rules and limitations are different. Things are harder. Everything is pushed online.

Now it is time to do it again. We must save what we can. And this time, we must teach the world to do the same.